My Dream Foursome


27 August 2016 (Pasadena, CA) Just to start off here, I am sure I could name about 50 dream foursomes so my task is difficult. So just to get the creative juices flowing, lets begin with where this dream foursome would play. My preference would be a links course so lets narrow this down to Scotland or Ireland. Now I have played a majority of the iconic courses in Scotland (Turnberry pictured above) so I am going to narrow this down to one of Ireland’s most picturesque courses (which sits at no. 1 on my must-play bucket list), Old Head in the Republic of Ireland ( Old Head sits on an estuary that juts out about two miles into the Atlantic Ocean and is breathtaking. So this is my dream venue, let’s get to the dream foursome. Player 1 is a no-brainer for me, my favorite golfer of all time–Lee Trevino. Shot maker extraordinaire, verbose, funny, and he shares my Mexican heritage (I’m a homer that way). In some ways, it would be like playing with my dad or one of his buddies with the exception that Trevino is a multiple major winner. Numbers 2 and 3 is where the choices get difficult. There are so many players that could fill these spots. So let me role with a surprise selection, Lorena Ochoa, one of the greatest LPGA players ever to tee it up and she also shares my Mexican heritage (I see a theme developing here). One of my greatest golf memories was watching Lorena walk down the 18th at the Old Course on Sunday at the British Open. The crowd folding in behind her as she made her triumphant way up the fairway and a young gent proudly flying the Mexican Tricolor in the background. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I’d also like to ask her (in Spanish) about her early retirement in the middle of her prime (very much like my favorite tennis player, Bjorn Borg) and how she views that decision in retrospect. More than anything, I would just like to hang with her and hear the banter between her an Trevino. Rounding out the foursome is going to be tricky. I’m thinking of folks like Tiger, Jack, Nancy Lopez, Annika, Arnie, Gary Player, and Michelle Wie. All would be great for obvious reasons. But this spot is reserved for my golf hero, Charlie Sifford, arguably golf’s own Jackie Robinson. Winner of the 1967 Greater Hartford Open and Los Angeles Open in 1969 once he was allowed to play PGA events (many times under the threat of death). Sifford dominated the “Negro” Tour prior to his abbreviated stint on the PGA Tour. He was a pioneer and model of courage. That’s my group. Two retired and one deceased. My Field of Dreams, walking an estuary in Ireland, swapping jokes and waxing about segregation, integration, race, and gender. In reality, all three are heroes of mine. Lee, an ex-Marine, who hustled his way in and around the tour. Lorena, a multiple major winner from my family’s hometown, Guadalajara, MEX who coaxed throngs of Mexican supporters to LPGA tour events. And Mr. Charles Sifford, a man of courage beyond anything I could imagine who could perform golf course surgery on his (country club) opponents. If only.

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