April 3, 2017 (Los Angeles) Greetings all socalgolfblog peeps. It has been four months since my last post. The background to that life-changing absence is meant for another blog geared for psychological analysis…but I digress. WTF is going on with the rules of golf when a fan can email rules officials who then rule against a player almost 24 hours after the fact? Complete stupidity by the over-ruled LPGA and their male counterpart, the PGA. It is everything wrong about the game of golf. It is over sanctioned by a bunch of self-important rules officials who are in place to “preserve the good order of the game.” BULLSHIT. To assess Lexi Thompson 4-strokes the day after her infraction thereby altogether erasing a good-sized lead on the Sunday of a major was the most egregious example of rules officials and fans gone mad. 4 strokes! On Sunday no less. All the result of a television fan’s email who saw Lexi mis-replace her ball after marking it on the 17th green on Saturday. Thompson was then informed of the infraction and 4 stroke penalty was assessed the following day as she just bogeyed the 12th. Really? Some ass-wipe fan who has nothing better to do emails LPGA rules officials who then make a ruling off the fan’s observation? WTF LPGA? Think how stupid it would be for me to email the NFL and say Tom Brady was guilty of a rules infraction during the Super Bowl on the winning drive and have the NFL penalize him the following day and award the NFL championship to the Atlanta Falcons (using the 2017 Super Bowl as an example). Or if I emailed the NBA and said LeBron traveled at some point in the game thereby negating a basket thus changing the outcome of a game. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous, even stupid that a fan could exert their rule observation on a game officiated by trained referees or officials? Why then does the LPGA and PGA–who have rules officials stalking courses like the Gestapo during events–not regulate their own sport? IDIOTIC! Shame on you LPGA. And this is no different than when a fan called rules officials a few years back at Augusta challenging a drop of Tiger Woods that ultimately led to a penalty. The fact is, LPGA and PGA officials get off on this over-management power trip hiding behind the mask of maintaining the purity of the game. Get your shit together LPGA and PGA. If you can’t manage your own house who will? The fans? RIDICULOUS! WTF LPGA?

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